Saturday, January 15, 2011

The (Chronicling of the) Journey Begins...

I've been dabbling with the idea of a blog for a few years now, and just couldn't seem to fully commit to it. It was a religious one on my musings on agnosticism and frankly, it came off sounding preachy and pompous. I've become an avid reader of my friend Mike's blog and really liked the idea of recapping the weekend's adventures. It allows for more reflection than a 140 character 'tweet' or a Facebook status update. More importantly, I think, it allows for a full description of the events that transpired, and provides insights for others who might be wanting to do similar trips.

Whenever I want to check out a new trail or new place for outdoor adventuring, I'll often check trail websites, NOAA weather, books, and then I'll look for pictures and descriptions from someone's blog on the internets. What worked well? What didn't? What was your favorite part? These things seem to come out well when someone has a whole posting to devote to an experience rather than trying to assign it a page # and cram it in between a plethora of other experiences for resale. (Not that I don't enjoy trail books! I just often use them as a starting point rather than an outdoor Bible. I also like the free nature of blogs.) A blog lets you read about the whole experience and choose a la carte from someone else's adventure to forge your own. With that notion in mind, I've decided to start writing down the things I do on weekends.

SO, the blog title?

Well it evolved from a trail name given to me last summer. Bush, JD, Maureen, Gina and I were off to the Crater Lakes in the James Peak Wilderness near Nederland. It was a rather windy day and we were darting along the shore of the uppermost Crater Lake. I was trail running in my chacos, hopping from rock to rock, and Gina dubbed me "cabrito" or little goat, the way I was happily bouncing around. My more frequently used trail name is jokingly Ranger Rick, apparently due to my stringent adherence to backcountry rules. I'd say that's debatable, especially when compared to my girlfriend Bailey who spent a semester roughing it in NOLS. She knows all the rules and best ways to Leave No Trace, and is an invaluable reference for me.

Anyway, sorry Kruse, but due to registered trademark issues, I wasn't about to call this blog "The Adventures of Ranger Rick®."

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